Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ravenloft Party Negotiations

The last time we created a party we didn't have an arcane caster, so it seems to me a good idea to confer a bit before character creation to make sure all of our bases are covered. So far I've played a Bard/Sorcerer/Sublime Chord, a short-lived Druid, and a Wizard-Evoker, so I call dibs on a non-caster this time. I don't have anything too specific in mind yet until more of the party weighs in, but I'm thinking something roguish.

In the comments here, Jason mentioned something about an offensive-minded priest or paladin. What about everyone else?

And I have a few questions at the end of those same comments that Tiger may want to address before our character concepts get too developed. It would be good to have a bit of agreement on the alignment continuum for the sake of party unity.


Gobula said...

Hey, I can finally be Gobula the fire-wizard! If, that is, I can make it to the event.

I think it would be really cool to play an evil-aligned campaign.

tiger said...

Sorry about the amount of time, but most of the issues have now been addressed, I think.

There are a few more details to tend to, but I think they can wait until the characters are rolled up (is it okay if we do that on firiday Scott(how the helll do I punctuate this question inserted in a sentance(or that one(etc))).

tiger said...

Dammit, not enough closing parentheses

scott said...

Hmm. I don't know about rolling up characters on Friday. Maybe we can roll ability scores, so you can witness it (as new DM), but actually making characters takes a while.

And, about the Ravenloft game, I'm not expecting it to be a one-shot, but maybe to whet our whistle. Tiger and I need to make arrangements about whos game is being run when. I'm not sure if he wants to wait until mine is over. It may be a while. (I'm thinking summer).

tiger said...

Yeah, just ability scores, that's alls I meant.

scott said...

I'm thinking about playing some sort of wizard..

Jason said...

4-1 method?

Degolar said...

4-1 huh?

Still flexible, but I'm narrowing it toward a fighter/thief who aspires to be a thief-acrobat. That, or a tyrannical despot.

Degolar said...

So do I start at 1st level as a fighter for max HP or a thief for max skill points?

Degolar said...

According to my bardic knowledge check, we're now looking at:

Degolar - stealthy combatant w/thief skills

Jason - evil-smiting cleric or paladin

Gobula - fire mage

Scott - wizard

Leelu - healer cleric

Lummox - lunatic barbarian (and I don't know about his character yet)

Tiger - the adversary

Jason said...

I think David said something about being a gazebo.

Actually this is sounding pretty decent as regardless of combat cleric or paladin I'd be one of the front liner's if David wanted to be a halfling barbarian monkey gripping a medium sized greataxe I...could just...see that coming to pass...we'd have a good spread. Otherwise, I'll do my best to keep everyone focus on me but I'll need 18's in at least 5 of my 6 stats :)

4-1 is roll 4 dice toss out the lowest.

Lummox said...

David C. - Monk

with a penis.

Leelu said...

I think I found it. Looks pretty good for what we're doing and what I want.

tiger said...

Shit, now I have to borrow a book from someone. Not in this group.

And yes, I was going to give a 4-1, re-roll 1's, 7 rolls, throw out lowest result.

I sort of like that style.

Jason said...

I just got on Bearshare and downloaded it, it looks cool enough I may buy it soonish as I like the idea of the gotchic/horror setting as it turns the mind down a different mental path than traditional fantasy and can bring about some interesting situations you wouldn't normally encounter.

Also I dig the rolling method as it gives a better chance of decent scores because nothing sucks worse than trying to make a character when your highest stat is an 11.

Hadrian said...

If I knew you guys were going to be starting Ravenloft so soon I would have left my copy of Heroes of Horror with you.

Gobula said...

So, on Ema's, I need to get the Ravenloft spells, right?