Monday, November 06, 2006


So I'm thinking about multi-classing Kilminsk after level 8. I would like to be able to have one or two attacks that can do a lot of damage in one try before coming in to chop things up, anyone have any suggestions?


Leelu said...

*shrug* Barbarian?

Degolar said...

Hey, I was about to say Barbarian. It fits with the personality you seem to be developing, anyway.

But really, no class at 1st level will do much for you. I think you'd be better off continuing to develop as a Ranger to get the higher-level bonuses. The higher you go the more attacks you'll get, for instance. What will really make a difference, though is a combination of feats, weapon choice, and magic. Torias does a lot, for instance with his combination of Power Attack and his magic spear. A composite (mighty) longbow made especially to take advantage of your strength bonus would be good.

And some of that is just accepting the path you've chosen for yourself. The two-weapon fighting isn't based on a single blow that does a lot of damage, but lots of little ones that add up. Maybe some potions/scrolls/rings/etc. with haste to maximize that might do you the most good. You'll be handicapped fighting biggies with damage reduction like our last battle, but that's not most of the time.

But I would start by looking at the extended feats lists (in Complete Warrior, etc.) and making maximum use of those options. Oh, multi-classing to fighter would give you bonus feats--but then you would lose the two-weapon ranger progression, so it's a trade-off.

Degolar said...

I guess one other option would be to go for the back-stab bonuses of a thief, but, again, those don't add up until higher levels.

Gobula said...

I think some better equipment would help more than anything at this point. My weapons are pretty crappy. A couple of good swords and a decent piece of armor would be nice.