Monday, January 27, 2014

Ptolus Session Recap

As the storm continued it's relentless assault on Ptolus, our heroes went their separate ways.  Through a series of events, Draygon and Tzakaric found themselves recruited by Brother Fabitor to investigate a kidnapping.  They were accompanied by Akiru, a warrior associated with the Church of Lothian.  The three were able to track the kidnappers from the victim's house to a pottery shop, and the sewers underneath it.  They killed a number of low level cultists and a drow nobleman and his giant spider companion, freeing the kidnapped boy in the process.  Later that same evening, Draygon received information about his missing cousin.  With Akiru still in tow, Draygon and Tzakaric investigated the address that they had been given, hoping to find Draygon's cousin Crom.

What they found was a secret underground temple where a barbarian was indeed being held captive by cultists.  Unfortunately, it was not Draygon's cousin, but another barbarian named Badvoc.  Badvoc had been badly wounded and was in no shape to give Draygon any information as to Crom's whereabouts.  The group delivered him to Brother Fabitor's care at St. Gustav's Chapel, and returned to the Ghostly Minstrel.

Meanwhile, Farland was out and about with his carousing gnome friends.  After spending some quality time in some of Ptolus' seediest gnomish drinking holes, he started to make his way back to the Ghostly Minstrel.  Along the way he ran into a familiar dog, and it quickly became apparent that something was wrong.  A ripped piece of cloth atop a nearby fence and the dog's insistent whining led Farland to the conclusion that something had happened to his child nemesis.  He scaled the fence and found the tracks of two men in the muddy garden on its other side.  He followed the tracks to a nearby wine cellar, where he found two thugs and the tied up boy.  A quick fight ensued, leaving one of the thugs dead, and the other fleeing into the night with an arrow in his shoulder.  Farland freed the boy, escorted him home, and returned to the Ghostly Minstrel.

Bogan is approached at the bar of the Minstrel by a courier bearing an invitation to a party in the Noble's Quarter.  He secures transport and spends the rest of the rainy night in the company of some of Ptolus' most important and drunkest citizens.

Grace receives an urgent message from a contact in the City Watch that knows of her adventuring prowess.  He tells Grace that he has no Watchmen to spare to investigate what is apparently a plague of kidnappings in the city.  The Warrens District has erupted into rioting and nearly the entire manpower of the Watch is engaged in restoring order (or at least containing the chaos to the Warrens).  Grace recruits Harumi to help her and the two interview a family that has reported the  kidnapping of a their child.  To their surprise, the boy is home when they arrive.  They investigate and find the underground lair where the boy was held.  It becomes clear that this boy is the same one that was, just hours before, rescued by Draygon and Tzakaric.  Grace takes the evidence that she finds at the scene back to the City Watch.  The Temple of the Ebon Hand, it appears, is behind the kidnappings.  Her contact asks Grace to assemble a party and raid the temple.....

(Excuse the piss poor writing... including the mysterious tense change in the last paragraph.)

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