Friday, January 31, 2014


This is an important post.  For some fictional people anyway.  Starting with the next game, please adjust your XP to 5,865. (This includes the points you earned in the last game session).  From now on, you will be advancing your characters on the medium speed scale under the Pathfinder rules. (Page 30 in the PRFRPG Core rulebook if you have it).  Also, I think we'll be going to a new system for hit points, starting at your next level.  Instead of taking the maximum hit points you will take the better of your roll (+ CON bonus, of course),  or half your hit die + 1 (+ CON bonus, of course).

I think that I will also reverse my long standing policy on material components.  I've always disliked the rule, but I've been reconsidering it.  The rules assume that you have the spell components for lower level spells, and big powerful spells should cost more to cast.  There should be consequences for needing to be raised from the dead, or casting a necrotic spell that slays large numbers of opponents with only a chance at a saving throw.  I'm willing to entertain arguments against this policy if someone wants to make them.  

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