Friday, September 22, 2006

next week's teaser

The babau Chemosh skulks down the bloodied hallway to survey his servants’ handiwork. Two of his hill giants are dead, their eyes glassy and dim. A crowd of kobolds have gathered around. One of the giant mountain trolls also stands nearby, looking on dumbly.

“Already the flies are beginning to buzz in the corridor. Get them out of here,” he rasps.

The kobolds start arguing squeakily in draconic and animatedly pointing at the huge troll, who has just withdrawn his finger from his ear and is sniffing his find. “Me eat?” it thunders questioningly.

Chemosh sighs and begins stalking back down the corridor when another figure, robed in dark rubbery hide, walks out of the darkness. It’s purplish-grey head is mostly cowled, but four slimy tentacles hang down its chest. Chemosh snarls, “Satau. Finally you’ve arrived. Come with me, I need an augury.”

The babau stops suddenly and turns back to the kobolds, who continue arguing loudly. “Entrails,” he says, under his breath. After a few seconds, they stop abruptly as they notice Chemosh and Satau looking at them. “Toffug. Come with me,” Chemosh growls. The kobold Toffug pales visibly and looks wildly at his compatriots, who all suddenly study the giant corpses intently, not making eye-contact with him. Toffug, eyes wide and trembling, shuffles over to the menacing pair. “Don’t worry, Toffug. You want to make Tharizdun proud, don’t you?” the babau grins wickedly.

Chemosh flicks his razor claws and moves down the corridor once again, with Satau and the wild-eyed Toffug in tow.

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