Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Reconstruction of the damaged cathedral is proceeding slowly. The Archbishop Hadrigus has delegated much of the day-to-day oversight to you. The coffers of Pelor are quickly running dry. The surrounding churches and cathedrals have sent in a bit of financial help, but nothing remarkable. After the fire, most of the roof of the cathedral caved in, making services have been sparsely attended, even by Verbobonc’s homelss.

As it turns out, the bookkeeper of former Archbishop Serigan had been a little optimistic in his revenue forecasts. The dwarven work crews have stopped any work until they are paid for the last two weeks of labor.

The Archibishop Hadrigus is toying with the thought of reinstating Pelor’s Faithful, an elite membership of donors who’s favor with Pelor in the afterlife is directly related to the donation tendered toward the cathedral. It’s rumored that St. Cuthbert’s canonization may be related to his large tithing in addition to his moral code.

For the past few weeks, you and some of the other clergy have been working out of the second floor of the Verbobonc Mint. The Mint was kind enough to let the Church use the space until they had rebuilt the offices in the Cathedral. The offices are mostly similar, roughly 10x15 foot rooms with drab mud-colored walls, and a very-well preserved wood floor. Woolen bags of scrolls and official church documents sit on most of the available surfaces. A few wood blocks sit stacked in the corners, with leather cords wrapped around them. The office holds a small writing table and a chair, and a lantern. A metal tube, about three feet high, stands in one corner. All of the rooms have these, and they serve as a way to drop messages or post down to the floor below, a clever invention of the Verbobonc Mint.

Right now, your time is occupied by tedious meetings about church finance and worrying about how to pay for the cathedral’s reconstruction. In return for your dedication, Hadrigus, with the approval of the Matriarch of Dyvers, has raised you from the position of acting bishop to a full bishop, with all of the ranks and responsibilities that go with that role.

In addition, you’ve learned quite a bit about the hierarchy of the church of Pelor across the Flaeness and composed a small monograph on the subject.

The Hierarchy of the Church of Pelor

Archprelate – Head of the Church of Pelor, located in Niole Dra. When the time comes to select a new Archprelate, Patriarchs, select them.

Patriarch – Each region of Greyhawk has a Patriarch. There are 15 regions, each encompassing cities and sometimes entire nations. The regions are called cantons, and emanate out from these cities, which are also the names of the cantons: (Dyvers, Ekbir, Gorna, Greyhawk, Hornduran, Istivin, Leukish, Marner, Nevond Nevnend, Pitchfield, Radigast City, Rel Mord, Schwartzenbruin, Ul-Bakak). Patriarchs are appointed by the Archprelate, and gather twice a year in Rel Mord.

Archbishop – Each large city in each region has an Archbishop. Archbishops are appointed by the Patriarch of each region. Archbishops gather to their region’s chief city twice a year.

Primate – A Primate serves under the Archbishop, as a sort of ‘chief’ bishop, a leader of the other bishops. Primates are appointed by the Archbishop of their city and the Patriarch of the region. They also serve as bishops.

Bishop / Abbot – Bishops preside over small cities, large cities, and metropoli (DMG 137). They are appointed by the Archbishop and Patriarch of their city/region. A bishop can also be appointed to the position of Primate. Bishops are responsible for their churches/cathedrals, and for the oversight of other clergy. Abbots are of the same ecclesiastical rank as bishops, but oversee abbeys and monasteries.

Canon – Canons often oversee smaller churches in a bishop’s city. They also oversee churches in large and small towns (DMG 137). Canons are selected by bishops and have to be approved by a city’s primate.

Priest – Priests serve under canons and bishops/abbots. They don’t have the responsibility of a building to look after, and do much of the day-to-day work, along with performing some services. They are of the same ecclesiastical rank as vicars, and are appointed by bishops.

Vicar – Vicars oversee village and thorp churches or shrines. They are often the only member of the clergy at their church. They are of the same ecclesiastical rank as priests, and are appointed by bishops.

Acolyte – An acolyte is the lowest rank of clergy, and serves at the appointment of any of the higher ranking clergy. Much of the paperwork and chores are performed by acolytes.


Degolar said...

He didn't learn that in his introductory class on Church Polity when he was a young student?

Jason said...

What, no primates?

Degolar said...

Isn't it nice to find a church that admits we might be related to primates in some way (and in this model we seem to evolve into them).