Friday, March 03, 2006

It Was a Time of Great Turmoil and Upheaval at The Cringing Goblin

I don't really have a post to go along with this title, I just thought it was a fun phrase to capture what will henceforth be referred to as The Appearance Wars period of this blog's history. :-)


Gobula said...

There's a Star Wars reference in here somewhere, I just can't quite find it.

The Girl in Black said...

"this is not the appearance template you are looking for"


Degolar said...

Started doing a little exploring looking for ideas. This one is almost the exact same color scheme as my goblin greed and blood red but much more neon (mine was better). And this one is similar but more subtle with less clashing and is easier on the eyes.

Leelu said...

Catherynne Valente. . . didn't she write some really obscure fiction?

Anyway, hers looks nice enough.