Tuesday, March 28, 2006

George Who?

The George Mason Patriots, a university many have probably never even heard of, much less thought of as a basketball powerhouse. Yet they are in the Final Four. They beat Michigan State in the first round, a regular powerhouse and Final Four team from last year. In the second round they took out Roy Williams and North Carolina, the defending national champions. They handled Wichita State in the Sweet Sixteen, then pulled one out against Connecticut, the overall number one seed and fairly unanimous choice as most talented team in the nation.

Out of around 3 million people who entered ESPN's online bracket challenge, 4 correctly picked the Final Four. Not 4 thousand or even 4 hundred, 4. It's the first time since 1980 that none of the four #1 seeds made it to the Final Four. I correctly picked 5 of the teams in the Elite Eight and 2 of the Final Four (UCLA and Florida), but can only get one more game right. I had Duke beating Florida for the national championship, which ain't gonna happen since Duke is long gone. But it sure has been fun to watch developing. Go Patriots.

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