Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Cycling Season Starts in an Hour

Well, not really an hour, but U.S. TV coverage of the season does. As far as I've found, the only locally available TV station (without paying big bucks) to offer cycling programming is the Outdoor Life Network. Here's their schedule for the next two months (EST). And it's not the actual start of the season, just the official one; but there's always some kind of a race somewhere. Last week, for instance, was the inaugural Tour of California. Floyd Landis was the winner based on his time trial effort. Lance's lieutenant George Hincapie won two stages and Levi Leipheimer looked good as well. All three are poised for big seasons. Read more about that race at this specific address and follow all the racing results at

But more about today's race, from the OLN website: "Also known as The Race to the Sun , the Paris Nice is the first big stage competition of the season. This eight-stage cycling race kicks off the UCI Pro Tour, and covers over 1000km of road from Paris to the finish on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice." Watch summary coverage 3/5, 4-5:30; 3/6, 2-3:30; 3/12, 4-6; and 3/13, 4-6. Enjoy.

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