Wednesday, June 03, 2009

One sided dice

Drebin closed the door to the room and turned to Livy, who had sprawled out on her bed. He sighed and said, “So, did ‘the gods’ tell you to go on this little quest too? Perhaps they visited you in a dream again?”

Livy grinned. “Oh come on. Where’s your sense of adventure? Besides, weren’t you listening? One thousand gold pieces. Isn’t that reason enough?”

Drebin felt a small pain shoot through the temple next to his damaged eye. He rubbed it.

“Listen,” he said, “you can’t keep doing this.”

“Doing what?” Livy asked, a little perturbed.

“You know well ‘what,’” Drebin erupted. “You keep getting it in your head that you need adventure in your life. You don’t. We don’t.”

“Fine then,” Livy said, standing up and turning away from him. “You don’t have to go where you don’t want to. I can take care of myself.”

“The hell you can!” Drebin exclaimed. “Remember the last time you got a wild hair and went on one of your little ‘adventures?’ Remember what happened when you decided you wanted to go off on your own and try to make some money on your own? Remember who followed you and ended up having to fight off a bar full of sleaze and saved your hide?”

“Drebin, that’s not fair,” she said, spinning to face him. “I was a lot younger then. I’ve matured and I’ve become a much better fighter.”

In his mind, Drebin had to admit that Livy had learned a lot in the past few years, but he would be damned if he would say it out loud. He sighed heavily. “I’m not going to talk you out of this, am I?”

“Oh,” she said, leaning into him for a hug, “when have you ever been able to say ‘no’ to me?”

He hated it when she had a point. He really did.


Degolar said...

Very nice.

Hadrian said...

Why did you omit the fucking?

Aerin said...

I want the random internet surfer to find that comment and be creeped the hell out

wow...stacks...they just aren't even trying on this word verification anymore

Leelu said...

Because it's more of a sibling relationship, and fucking would be gross.

Lummox said...


Aerin said...

I gotta go with Lummox here, its more of a stepsister sort of thing and...I mean come on, lets not be all churchy about it!

Hadrian said...

Hah! I had no comment to leave this time until I saw my verification word: unlayer... I think it speaks for itself.