Sunday, June 21, 2009


For those of you that are interested, you can download a free trial version of Wizards' 4e character creation software. Since it is the trial version, it only allows you to create characters up to level 3. It looks like it might be an interesting resource. At the very least, it looks like it might be helpful in learning the 4e character creation process and a little bit about the game. For those of you who didn't shell out for the PHB (or obtain a copy by some less legal method), it also allows you to look at the PHB entry for each power, feat, etc. as you are choosing them. So, a good way to learn some of the new stuff in the game. Hopefully, we are only a few months away from a 4e campaign, and learning the rules might be useful.


Aerin said...

I prefer to call it LTL for less-than-legal...acronyms sound so professional and sterile, don't they?

Nathan McKinney said...

is it available for the mac yet? If not I still say fooey!