Monday, February 18, 2008

From My Inbox

Well, we've had a week to decompress from our run in once more with the cult of Tharizdun, so its time to start looking toward the dark, gothic spires of the Castle Ravenloft. Maro (my brother) will be in town this upcoming weekend (2/23) and he and I would both like to start the campaign up this weekend if possible. Will this work for everyone? I propose the initial night be over here at my apartment Saturday at 6-6:30PM or so and running until...we stop :P If you need any help with characters or what I'll allow just let me know and I'll get back to you asap. This is going to be straight up 3.5, though I haven't finalized any house rules but death will be less of a monster as in Scott's games as I don't believe in character death creating a 45 minute hold up :P Oh, you might want to think of a backup character though, some undead if they kill you, cause you to rise up as undead and at that point your death is final, finito, done. Not something I'm going to try and do to each of you, just a warning to keep in mind as I want to try and make sure a sense of terror exists in the world, given the setting.

Let me know!

El DM Nuevo [Jason]


Leelu said...

We'll have to see to the state of Lummox's health before I can commit to anything.

Aerin said...

well, by the time you see this, it will probably be Thursday so I'm wondering how the big lug is feeling? I assume he has plague?

Chris said he'd be tied up until 7-730 or so but that might work out ok still, do a shorter game and just get some of the initial out of the way as pest we can.

Oh, if you could, just refresh everyone on who you are, and Tiger, we still need to know what you're doing exactly so I can give any final approvals and all that jazz.

We'll move forward from here and I'll keep my eyes on the blog and see what we'll be able to swing.

The Inverse DM

Leelu said...

We're both down with plague.

Flu, actually, but close enough. I don't think we'll be making it. :\

Aerin said...

Aww poop...there's a lot of plague going around these past few weeks it seems. You two need to take a few levels of paladin for the disease immunity!

Ok, well, lets call Saturday a wash then and I'll talk to my brother to see if he wants to come into town for next weekend then. I'll post more details and I'll try a scott-style teaser as well mayhaps.

Get better you two! Tiger! Respond! What are you! :P

Tiger said...

Is that an existential question?

Tiger said...

What did we have so far, again?

Aerin said...

Maro, my brother's character, was a shugenja or whatever, a nature-fire wizard if you will.

I think Monk E. was part of the group as well, and I think Rachael was an archivist...a sort of studious divine caster of some sort. I can't remember for the life of me what Chris had...a druid maybe? A barbarian?

Degolar said...

A thief (with a bit of fighter).

Aerin said...

the halfing?

Degolar said...