Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big Prympin', baby

Saturday is the second (and last) installment of the Prymp adventure. I hope to see you all at Degolar's fabulous manor around 6-6:30. He's graciously agreed to host.

I've heard from only two of you about enhancing your characters. Thanks to you both. I don't see a problem with implementing the suggestions you've given me. I'm hoping that these characters will be used again in the future, if I (or another) has time to run a Greyhawk adventure.

Here's a little tease for Saturday.

The ancient ship's prow justs up from the nasty waters, its surface a hopeless tangle of ruin, driftwood, and refuse of the worst kind.

Oh, and last time, you uncovered some scribbles in the asylum cell of the alleged Lantern Man. Those might be important.

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