Friday, December 08, 2006

M - For Your Eyes Only

Agent Quickshade reporting from the field.

I proceeded from Falcons Crest along the Old Svalich Road to scout for potential business opportunities as assigned. Unfortunately, it appears the area's reputation has been effective in keeping it relatively cleared out. There were few travelers and almost no commerce on the road. My first night, I stopped at the Weary Horse Inn. I was preparing to pilfer at least a few pouches when a messenger from the Burgermeister of a village further down the road burst into the common room. He begged for assistance and a few of my marks volunteered to help, so I threw my lot in with them. We were warned the woods are unsafe at night and all needed a rest anyway, so we waited until the morning to depart.

We traveled all day, finally arriving at Borovia in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, it looks like the call for help was genuine and we may be too late to help--all of the residents we've encountered to this point have become brainless undead. They are easy enough to dispatch, but they may point to a greater evil in the area. At least one of my companions is a righteous crusader who will not rest until we find the answer to that question and eliminate it. I'm not sure if the others are similarly driven or are simply opportunists hoping for riches, but it looks like we're all in this for better or worse. I'll try to report with more complete information soon, and in the meantime try to have some fun with the adventure of it. All for the glory of the Caravan, of course.

(And my one attempt at finding gain within my companions' pockets just produced worthless junk, but I'll keep trying so as not to return empty-handed.)


(That's right, his name is 'ban. O-ban. And he's licensed to kill.)

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