Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kilminsk Bearfucker, Son of Bitch.

The ranger, ever perceptive, knew that something strange was going on between two of his new "friends." Something... dirty. His mind, being fully disturbed, could not accept this as any normal half-elf's would. Their actions gave him odd needs and desires -especially those of the woman. His perception of her was the worst, perhaps, and he grew jealous. He would stand quietly and watch her, ever closer, wishing that he had the parts that she did.

*Just so you all know, Gobula is absolutely nothing like Kilminsk. That boy just ain't right. Seriously, is there some kind of mental institution in the Greyhawk world? He should not be allowed near the general public.


Leelu said...

Funny, I thought he was Kilminsk Catfucker.

Dude, you are wrong. :D

Gobula said...

I'm actually glad Degolar caught Kilminsk, I was really hoping he would. It's pretty bad when my character crosses my line.

Kilminsk is what happens when you mix Drizzt, Quagmire, and Buffalo Bill together into one character.

Gobula said...

Also, I stole the "she has the parts that he wishes that he had." thing from Aqua Teen. I saw it a few days ago, and immediately thought it would be perfect for Kilminsk.

Hadrian said...

Remember, the Spell Compendium is the gift that keeps on giving, as is the Player's Guide to Eberron. Or, you can always just look at my Amazon wish list oh secretest of Santas. (which reminds me, I better update that bitch to reflect recent purchases and gifts--I've picked up a few of those discworld and Flashman novels on there.....)

Jason said...

hehehe, Kilminsk's overt craziness draws attention away from me and my ahh...yeah... (looks down at left hand and checks for eyeballs)