Thursday, June 15, 2006

Too True (Hilariously So)

Admit it, fellow geeks. Even though you don't mind sharing--and even flaunting--your D&D-type interests in some settings, there are certain people and situations in which you keep them to yourself. But no matter how much you segment your life, there is one person you ultimately can't hide from: you're significant other. The Girl in Black has just brought to my attention this excellent post titled, "Your Husband Has Just Bought Himself a Complete Set of Dungeons and Dragons Handbooks – A Survival Guide for the Smart Wife."


Hadrian said...

Haven't I said on many occasions that there should be a warning on the first page of the PHB? The first rule of D&D, the very first rule... "Never discuss this hobby with a single woman until after you've seen her naked, preferably several times." I don't know what the rule is for you married guys.

Hadrian said...

I just followed the link, and... brilliant. "smelling like Doritos and Coke" (doesn't he mean Cheetos and Mountain Dew?).... But I must take issue with some of the stereotypes. For instance, on any given Saturday I think there is a decent chance that our group would blow off the game for strippers... even Leelu.

Leelu said...

Hells yeah.