Saturday, February 01, 2014

Things You Would Know By Now-- The Ghostly Minstrel

You've spent a lot of time there so far, so it seems like you should know some more about the Minstrel.

Here it is from the outside:

And here's a look at the floorplan:

The Ghostly Minstrel, located as it is in Delver's Square, is the spot in Ptolus for Adventurers to gather. Vard Hillman is the owner of the Minstrel, but he spends most of his time in the kitchen, or in his makeshift office in the third floor storeroom.  It is unlikely that any of you know him, other than Farland.  You would recognized Tellith Herdsman, the pretty young woman with reddish-brown hair who works the front desk and manages the inn operations of the establishment. And of course, you all know Zade Kenevan, the bald, skinny, and gruff bartender who serves Farland the famous "grbsh samches."  Tairn Ursalato is a bard of some local renown that regularly plays in the taproom.

And don't forget Scabies the dog: 

The rumor is that the Ghostly Minstrel actually earned its name, but none of you have ever encountered any phantoms roaming the halls. You've spent enough time there that you're beginning to recognize some of the other regulars, and getting an inkling that some of them might be rather important or famous Ptolusites.

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Leelu said...

Scabies the dog is surprisingly cute.