Sunday, December 15, 2013

And So On

The party accepted Lord Zavere's proposal and went to meet with Linech Cran.  Cran told the group that he was looking for adventurers to recover his daughter's body from a shipwreck at the botton of the bay.  Cran told the group that his daughter was in a glass coffin in the hold of the ship.  He was evasive about the other cargo therein, but insisted that he was only interested in recovering his daughter.

The group agreed to take the job, and and were accompanied to the docks by one of Cran's henchmen, Seanus.  The group asked around to gain information about the shipwreck.  Meanwhile, a massive storm rolled into the bay, making it impossible for the group to find any sailors willing to take them to the site of the shipwreck. 

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