Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Girl That Haunts My Dreams

- by Farland Dane
(A dwarfish love song)

Her eyes are as dark as a brandy, so fine.
Her lips are as sweet as bumblefruit wine.
And I want to plant my pick deep in her mine.

The woman that haunts my dreams.

She has a firm grip and she never lets go.
Her thighs hold me tight to her while in the throes.
I feel passion with her that I've never known.

The woman that haunts my dreams.

Her smile is so wicked while we work up a sweat.
She’s wild and screams, “Oh, you’re not finished yet.”
She mines my shaft deep for all she can get.

The woman that haunts my dreams.

She moves like a river running wild and fast.
I try to keep pace but not sure I can last.
We finally finish in a gigantic blast.

I wake up and change my sheets.


Aerin said...

Now set it to an AC/DC soundtrack!

Lummox said...

I was thinking more Aerosmith, but hey, buggers can't be schmoozers.