Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Things

1.  There is an unfinished recap of Ptolus game session number one in the unpublished posts.  Please feel free to add to it if you wish.  I would like to keep an ongoing record of each session as we go along so that two years from now we can actually remember with more clarity game events.  If you do decide to provide some updates, do them in a different font or sign them parenthetically so we'll all know who contributed what.

2.  In the comments lets start talking about possible July or August game dates.  I might be out all of July (I apologize) because of job stuff, but we'll see.  There is a possibility right now that I might get a new job and have to move sometime in July... if that happens you could all come help me move and we could play D&D when we were done! (right? anyone? anyone?).


Aerin said...

Moving in do hate like don't you?

I take it then that a July 3 evening game is out? It was a possibility at the end of last game, was trying to figure out the best way to get the final word on that.

Unpublished posts...? is that...somewhere?

Degolar said...

1. Where might we find the unfinished recap and add to it?

2. Will be out of town July 2 and 3, maybe back the 4.

Sat, July 16
Sun, July 31
Sat, Aug 6
Sun, Aug 7
Sat, Aug 27
Sun, Aug 28

Other weekends in July and August tentatively free for the time being.

Hadrian said...

Click on create a post and then there will be a link to "edit posts," and you'll see a draft of the Ptolus recap.