Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D&D Is so Passe

Since last winter, I've been playing free poker on Sunday nights at Win More Games. This is basically because the owner is friends with some guys who have a poker tournament business, because the store is mostly devoted to Magic: The Gathering. They have a small selection of board games, D&D books, and a few other things, but I'd guess 95% of their business is Magic. They have Magic events five or six nights a week and a devoted group of regular players. Still, the following conversation on Sunday surprised me:

I usually use a large, solid metal d20 as a card protector when I play poker. One of the other players noticed and inquired, "So you play Magic?"

"No," I said. "I enjoy almost everything else this store does, but I don't play Magic."

"But why else would you have a d20?"


scott said...

to bludgeon you with until you're ready to accept that MtG didn't just happen in a vacuum. It's built on the shoulders of Gygaxian giants!

Lummox said...

Did... did you beat him? I would beat him. Did you? I mean, no one would blame you if you did. So.. did you?