Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Game?

Sooooo, any preferences? I have a wedding to attend the weekend of the 20th so that's out for me.

Let's get some dates thrown out there! (especially if you are needing more time to assemble stuff Nate, it sure never *seems* like there's as much work to do til you start in on it >.<, next game I do is sooo going to be a premade adventure path!)


Hadrian said...

Premade adventure paths are nice. As are detailed urban campaign settings. I'm going to put some thought into making first level more fun in Ptolus. Obviously there will be more roleplaying and skill stuff, but I think I'll have to somewhat "4e-ize" it to up the fun level.

Degolar said...

The 20th would be awesome for me. Otherwise I could do the 13th or 27th after working.