Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a note

The party, weary from their encounter with the mage and his brigands, begins to troop toward the dark, icy entrance to the glacier. A tattered, fluttering piece of paper lies on the ground, partially buried under the snow.

Darling Gaedren-
I’ve gone to investigate the glacier. I found new information that points to a magical cup and a djinn who will grant wishes. Come for me in a month, if I haven’t returned.


Degolar said...

I'll bet that bastard Jaba has her chained up in a bikini!

Lummox said...

I do not!!!
teenie Jedi.

Aerin said...

Have we run across either of those names before? I can't recall but I don't think so?

Lummox said...

Seriously? You've never heard of Jaba or the Jedi?
Wow. You need to see more movies.

scott said...

We haven't run across either of those names before. Thanks for trying to keep things on track, Aerin. +25XP to your character.

Hadrian said...

lol, nice.