Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the (still slightly ethereal) party

I received four character submissions so far. I know that there might be at least one more floating out there. Two of you have created incredibly stunning backstories. One is an excellent concept, and the last one is good. I'm impressed.

Two of you already have names for your characters. Right now, here's the make-up of the party:
  • bard
  • cleric
  • fighter
  • rogue / sorceror
I think that's actually a pretty good mix. Great job to those of you who submitted characters. I'll give more info soon.

Also, I'd like to narrow down the dates before we start, so that they're locked in for everyone.


Hadrian said...

Hmmm... can there be a publication of the backstories here for the edification and entertainment of those of us who will not be playing?

scott said...

No. you're not playing, so tough toenails :)

I'll put them up if the contributors want to.

Hadrian said...

Again, I recommend the Wiki to any of those contributors who wish to share. That thing has been up for a while, it's about time it got some content.

Aerin said...

Yeah, but I only have this bookmarked!

I'll post mine here in a minute.

Leelu said...

Looks like three of us have names, unless Aerin hadn't picked one prior to his posting here.

Nathan McKinney said...

Any chance that dates could be picked prior to my commitment? I'm working 7 days a week now, and have to choose my battles... if you get my drift.