Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Resources..., or How Big of a Geek am I?

So, there remains a split of opinion on 4e vs. Ptolus. Of course our options are not limited to those two. As you can see... I have resources. On the left you will note the growing collection of 4e stuff, including the first three modules. Of course, there's quite a bit of 3.0/3.5 stuff in the middle, including a bunch of modules and Ptolus. I probably should stop buying RPG books now, as I've got enough adventures to last for years and years of gameplay... but I just love collecting them. I think it is highly unlikely that I will ever DM a Basic or Expert game, but those books remain in the collection (I've had them longer than any of the rest)-- as do the Basic and Expert adventures. I wondered what the collection would look like unpacked and all in a row... not actually quite as unreasonably large as I expected. (Though this must not be all of it-- for instance there are no Star Frontiers books pictured here-- I wonder where the hell those are?)


Lummox said...

Is it bad that I kind of got a stiffy?

scott said...

That's an impressive spread.

But on a serious note, there's nothing like cracking open a real (meaning not pdf) d+d book for some browsing or skimming. You always find something new.

Tiger said...

And they smell kinda good.