Monday, October 13, 2008

Next Game (mk II) the 18th is out from a few people and that's no problem, but it leaves me wondering when the next game will be. I know our once-silent monk has been unwell of late, and I'm wondering if the 25th sounds feasible? If not, how does the 1st look?

Lemme know your input guys and dolls, things are moving nicely in the castle and now that it will be getting darker and colder outside I'm hoping it will add to the atmosphere and I'd like to keep the crushing, drowning, and possessing of you guys going soon! :)

Your Illustrious DM


Degolar said...

The 25th works for me. But I work the 25th, so the 1st would be even better. Either way. Just so long as we decide on one or the other (well) before the 24th.

Tiger said...

Also work that day, but still good for me.