Monday, June 09, 2008

I say...this!


Hadrian said...

I find it surprising that it is the two 3.5 rules-gurus (nicer to say than rules-lawyers) who seem to be the most excited about 4e.

Leelu said...

I'm still waiting. I do like fighter powers, I don't like the lack of druids (and yes, I know I never played one, but still), and I haven't play-tested any of it just yet. I have an online game that should get started at some point this month, so I'll be able to gauge a little bit better how 4e actually plays out after that.

As for Tieflings... well, they bother me a little less than the draconic race that's now core, the name of which escapes me, or splitting elves into two races. I do like the benefits of being human, though, and the fact that half-elf doesn't suck anymore.

3.5 or 4e, at least we still get to play with pretty polyhedral dice!

Aerin said...

SONOFABITCH! Amazon must not have got enough stock to cover backorders so my new ETA is 7/10, woo... I'd cancel if I wasn't saving a gad of money. Ah well, guess its pdf heaven for me til then!

Hadrian said...

You're kidding! I've had my books since Saturday morning. Then again, I upped my shipping to two-day instead of super-saver.

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