Thursday, April 03, 2008

A brief tease/reminder of where we left off

Sitting back from the neighboring buildings is a dilapidated church. In contrast to the relatively sturdy construction of the buildings nearby, the church appears to be in a state of advanced decay. An edifice of worn, grey stone and sagging, rotten timbers, the structure squats on a slight rise at the edge of the village. Beyond it, you make out the base of the jutting peak that the omnipresent castle sits perched upon, like a great, menacing gargoyle leering down at the town through the darkness and swirling mists. Light flickers through sodden, collapsed holes in the shingles of the church and the sound of hoarse chanting is audible within.


scott said...

Nice tease. Sorry I missed the game.

Aerin said...

Oh, oh my yes, especially since your character failed a fortitude saving through the very first round of doing anything in the game lol. Dice roll of 6 plus 5 or so? Either way, didn't clear the 17 I think it was you needed when everyone (including the frail, thousand year old elf) made it, so the Circle of Death only affected one person. Made things a bit tougher for them though, good stuff, clobbered E into the earth, not dead, just very, very crunched up :D

Generally good stuff, and aside from some npc work, should probably be about ready to head out into the wilderness next time, I'll try to kill at least one of them in your name :)