Thursday, July 26, 2007


After much tinkering I finally got Atari's bug-tacular Temple of Elemental Evil to run on my computer. TOEE is the first Wizards licensed computer game to actually use the 3.5 rules set. And what playing this game has done for me is confirm my suspicions about playing the game strictly by the rules. To wit: it's so hard that it isn't fun. A PC dies in every encounter and you don't have enough money to bring them back. It's frustrating as hell. Every time you engage in combat you have to rest for three days because your cleric doesn't have the power to heal everybody up and you can't afford any stinking potions. At least the rules for getting in and out of armor while resting aren't included... it's hard enough without them.


Gobula said...

Funny you should mention this. I just re-installed the game yesterday, and was thinking the exact same thing.

Tiger said...

You really need the patch. That way you can actually pick up loot.

Hadrian said...

Oh, it's completely patched, updated, and modded. It's still just as hard as fuck.