Sunday, June 03, 2007


So, I didn't get a new post posted last night. Lots of reading to do. Plus, the bar had Glenlivet. And Glenlivet. It's not the best scotch selection in the world.

Anyway, I've got all of the encounters worked out for the end of the campaign. And at least one of them will test you heavily. To death. There are some undead, and some other things. Also, if you'll remember a month or two ago, when I passed around that sheet of paper, and asked you all to write down a number between 0 and 6, that wasn't just because I was bored. Won't it be interesting to find out what that number means? :D

Class starts in 9 minutes, so this is the best post you're going to get until a time as yet undetermined.


Hadrian said...

You're scaring me.

Hadrian said...

And you have class on Sunday mornings? Odd.

Leelu said...

Come, now, Hadrian. Scott always has class. ;)

scott said...


yeah, friday 6-9
sat 8-5
sun 8-12

but only twice a semester.

Tiger said...

What number did I pick again?

xephxiia, the most awesome verification yet.